Combining robotics and operations for increased sustainability in lawn-care

We're on a mission to reduce emissions, increase economic feasibility and increase safety in lawn-care through technology-enabled solutions.


Our prototype has been designed for the challenges we've experienced running an operation

Check out the goat
Our Model
Vertically integrated from the beginning.Instead of advertising an idea for the last two years, we've been busy designing a machine that will meet the demands of cutting grass in our operation. It has been modeled after and improved upon commercial equipment we're currently utilizing.
Two front casters to avoid scalping yards
More robust than a department store push-mower
Engineered to be modular and easy to maintain
Real world usage has been thought-through
Faster feedback
on problems discovered in operations are remedied by engineering design revisions in less time.
Higher efficiency
by engineering integrations into the robot such as automatic unloading and recognition of a property increase total throughput for the crew throughout the day which is especially helpful when trying to cut large quantities of small residential properties.
Aligned incentives
unlike our competitors who claim they have aligned incentives while selling or leasing equipment. We benefit directly from a machine that lasts as long as possible and is easy to maintain, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and an increase in sustainable profitability for operations.