Meet the goat, our first version of what an autonomous mower should be.

This is technology built for one purpose: to be the best at cutting lawns.

175V max
The most advanced battery in a mower.Instead of advertising an idea for the last two years, we've been busy designing a machine that will meet the demands of cutting grass in our operation. It has been modeled after and improved upon commercial equipment we're currently utilizing.
In case of puncture, LiFePO4 will not thermal runaway
LiFePO4 chemistry has a longer lifespan than Li-ion
Higher pack voltage increases overall efficiency
Recharges faster than other electric mowers
A smarter construction material.Our robot's frame, battery box, subframe, and other components are built from industrial-grade aluminum to save weight in an effort to increase battery life and increase the equipment's usable lifespan. The result is an electric mower that weighs less than comparable gas-powered mowers and contains far fewer components that would rust.
The goat700lbbased on component weight
Gas mower900lbest, 180lb rider, 34" stander
Electric competitor
1100lbelectric 54" autonomous stander
The latest in sensor technology and obstacle avoidance.We've combined the latest in modern sensor technology with bleeding-edge AI and ML research to create a machine that is capable of mapping and localizing itself in a lawn. The machine will map a property the first time it arrives and is then able to recognize where it's at any time our skilled crew-members deploy it to that same property.
360 LiDAR2x Stereo camerasRTK GPS2x IMUs